Five sets of tees allow golfers of every caliber the opportunity to play and enjoy the golf course.
Blue Tees: 69.8/113              6497 yards     Championship Tees
White Tees: 69.1/110           6318  yards      Designed for Men
Yellow Tees: 65.2/105        5558 yards     Designed for Senior Men
Red Tees: 69.3/112               5397 yards      Designed for Ladies
Gold Tees: 65.1/104            4897 yards    Designed for Senior Ladies
Orange Tees: Not rated    Designed for Junior and Beginners

#1 - Bell Hole
A nice straight away par 4 that is perfect to warm up on.

#2 - The Willow
A scenic par 3 over water.

#3 - The Pond Hole
A 436-yard dogleg left requiring a demanding drive over water to reach the fairway.

#4 - The ROAD HOLE
A narrow, uphill hole with out-of-bounds along the entire left side.

#5 - Rolling Hills
The gently rolling hills of south eastern PA are all felt right here in this 523-yard, a par 5.

#6 - Twister
A long, uphill dogleg right requiring two solid shots to reach the green.

#7 - Rosy
A gentle par 3 with knock-out roses adorning the back of the green.

#8 - Up & Down
A 475-yard, par 5 finishing with an elevated green protected by water on the right.

#9 - Half Way Home
A long par 4 requiring a powerful drive to clear the pond and reach the clearing at the top of the hill.

#10 - The Cornfield
An unassuming par 4.
Easy enough for those who manage to avoid the cornfield that runs along the left side.

#11 - Ace
This 126-yard downhill par 3 is the sight of many hole-in-ones.

#12 - Double Trouble
This double dogleg requires shot-making skills and good thinking.

#13 - The Breather
This straight-away par 4 should be an easy par, or for the long-ball hitters, even better.

#14 - The Brute
A long par 4 with a sloping fairway, this hole requires two really good shots to get on.

#15 - The Gazebo
A 427-yard par 4 that finishes with a difficult green made up of subtle rolls.

#16 - The Woods
A scenic dogleg left, par 5.

#17 - The Homestretch
A gentle dogleg right to a well protected green.

#18 - Heartbreak
This 242-yard par 3 can ruin a good round in a hurry.
Many a tournament has been won or lost on this hole.


8467 Pleasant Valley Road
Stewartstown, PA 17363

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